Meet the Stockists - Feeting Room Lisboa

- When did the store opened?

December 2016

- What are the things you should not miss in your city when you

come for the first time?

Lisbon is known worldwide for its geographical disposition and the 7 hills. It is imperative that you explore these hills and get lost in the city by walking around and discovering picturesque nooks and crannies hidden all over the city.

Besides the city as an experience by its own, some landmarks/points of interest that I strongly recommend are: MAAT museum and MUDE museum for contemporary art and installations; Clube Ferroviário, Casa Independente e Galeria Zé dos Bois for an immersive experience in the indie and alternative scene. Don't forget to look for fado vadio (the typical unpretentious fado music that can be found around Alfama and Mouraria) and eat our delicious seafood at places like Marisqueira Palácio in Alcântara and Marisqueira Ramiro in Lisbon.

- What are you listening at the store right now?

Sensible Soccers - Villa Soledade

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