Alvite, Hoodie

Alvite, Hoodie

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Alvite, is a parish of the Municipality of Moimenta da Beira, district of Viseu, is located in the plateau of Serra da Nave, where the Varosa River is born.
Mountain village, lived for a long time as if lost in the middle of the mountain range, isolated from the world.
Its geographical location determines the climate, cold and harsh in the winter and with hot rays of sun in the summer.
In the spring, the plateau covers up in green, which gives way to a mixture of purple and white flowers, to later dress in yellow flowers. In the winter, the frost and snow cover the same plateau in white.


Comfortable and loose hoodie, made from a special cotton fabric, developed by and to LITORAL.


Model is 180 cm tall and wears size M. Fits true to size.

Composition 100% Cotton

Color Grey

Made in Portugal with love.

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